Three Popular Dog Breeds You Can Consider to Own

Three Popular Dog Breeds You Can Consider to Own

Dogs are claiming to be the best friend of humans. If you pet a dog breed then you will never feel alone. A smooth cuddle from the cutest puppy can reduce your stress level within a moment. In developed countries we often see people pet dogs with a lot of enthusiasm. Overall, if you happen to be alone, lonely, or just a pet-lover, you must have pondered about owning a dog.

Three of Our Most Favourite Dogs

There are numerous dog breeds on earth. Each of them comes with a different aura and beauty for which it is nearly impossible to choose the cutest one. Hence we still tried our best to make a top list of dog breeds that will compel your decision making easy while buying.

Golden Retriever

Most American dog owners love having a Golden Retriever. It is a perfect epitome of Scottish great beauty which comes with 10 years of life expectancy. For the male Golden Retriever, the average standard size is 23-24 inch and for females, it varies from 21.5 to 22.5 inch. The average weight is 65-67 pounds and 55-56 pounds respectively. They will help you through the fieldwork and a great guide for blinds which makes them popular for a valid reason.

German Shepherd

This dog breed is generally known as the finest worker in the category. They are very muscular, large and tall which is best for all-purpose works. This very loyal, courageous and confident breed is also popular for their great noble and intelligence. The average life expectancy of German Shepherd dogs is 12-14 years.

Yorkshire Terrier

This cutest little puppy is claimed to be the smallest type among the entire dog breeds. This tiny little thing which comes in five different colours will be your perfect companion for life. Yorkshires are bold, confident and intelligent by nature and the life expectancy is 13-16 years on average.