The Best Sport Utility Vehicle Including Aston Martin

The Best Sport Utility Vehicle Including Aston Martin

Starting as a car for people who worked out of a vehicle or needed to transport a relatively bigger family, a sport utility vehicle or SUV has become one of the most popular cars among auto-enthusiasts. SUV, though, is a loose term that can be applied to describe a great range of large vehicles with four-wheel drive and can be taken off-road.

Most car manufacturers now offer several sport utility vehicles, including the luxury automaker Aston Martin. It sells a lot, after all, with its infinite utility for everyday use. So, what is the best SUV in the market right now? We list the best three below.

Aston Martin DBX

Prestigious British carmaker Aston Martin has been quite rigid in designing their very own sport utility vehicle. Judging by the success of their very first SUV - the Aston Martin DBX, it was a big loss for luxury car enthusiasts.

Despite combining a plethora of luxury features in its sports utility frame, Aston Martin DBX feels as smooth a car as you would expect from its manufacturer. It has a powerful 542BHP engine that can reach up to 181mph.

Audi Q5

The market that Audi created for smart, midsize sport utility vehicles is now crowded with many high-end manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar and so on. How would Audi remain competitive then? They tried to answer that with the new version of the Audi Q5. It’s compact, efficient, and field luxurious features and gadgets, making it one of our most favourite SUV of the year.

Ford Expedition

If you need a big, full-size SUV, then the Ford Expedition is your best bet among the ones available in the market. Its Platinum model has a powerful 400HP engine with 480 ft. torques. Despite being bulky in size, it’s great handling and a plethora of colour choices make it a great sport utility vehicle to drive.