The Best OLED TV Manufactured by LG Electronics

The Best OLED TV Manufactured by LG Electronics

When it comes to television, the latest and the greatest display technology is OLED. Both the South Korean rivals Samsung and LG Electronics make pretty gorgeous OLED screens for their smart television sets.

Besides packing wonderful OLED screens at high resolutions, LG Electronics also offer a seamless, efficient, and reliable television watching experience. There are also plenty of deals all year round, making even the most advanced LG OLED TV affordable.

So, if your TV needs an upgrade, below are the three best options offered by LG Electronics.


For those who won’t settle without the best video quality available in the market, the best option available is the LG CX 4K OLED TV. While the name gives away a lot of its features, you would be glad to know that this latest generation OLED screen can handle both HD and 4K footages with equal excellence.

It supports all the possible HDR sources, while the new Filmmaker mode also makes it easier for anyone to enjoy a professional quality image experience.


Next up is the LG OLED 65GX with a mammoth 65-inch 4K screen. The TV runs its smart features on webOS, while it’s 4 HDMI ports would be more than capable of handling your connectivity needs. It is also packed with technologies such as Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, Advanced HDR, and so on. The TV also looks sleek and cool despite its huge size.


The final OLED TV on our list is the LG OLED 65C9PLA, with its brilliantly big OLED screen being the star of the show. Although a couple of year’s old, this ‘What Hi-Fi’ award-winner is still capable of delivering a great viewing experience at a relatively affordable price. It comes with most of the features found in the 65CX while lacking a bit of finesse in terms of motion handling.