The Best Movies Based on Stephen King Novels

The Best Movies Based on Stephen King Novels

Children of the Corn - 1984

Can you imagine being trapped in a small town full of murderous children? In this heart-stopping thriller, a young couple is hunted by a cult of children that murder anyone over the age of 18. What makes this film even better is the acting of the evil children, which will send chills up your spine. 

Stand by Me - 1986

Stand By Me isn’t a thriller, and it doesn’t have the quirkiness we’re used to from the novelist. Instead, it's a thought-provoking drama about a group of young boys who embark on a journey to find the body of a missing boy. What they find instead is a frank look at each other's lives and the effects of class differences and abuse. It’s also regarded as the late River Phoenix’s best performance. 

Misery - 1990

Kathy Bates terrified most people with her standout performance in Misery. After being in a car crash a novelist is rescued by a kind woman, who’s also his biggest fan. When she learns he has killed off her favorite character from the books, she turns into a complete headcase. The situation quickly turns into a fight for life and freedom as the injured novelist tries to escape the clutches of the deranged stalker. 

The Shawshank Redemption - 1994

You’ve probably seen this movie in a lot of “must watch” lists, for a very good reason. Put simply, it’s an absolute masterpiece. The all-star cast include Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman as two prisoners from different walks of life. One is guilty, the other is innocent, but most find comfort and solace in their friendship. The movie focuses on finding redemption through acts of decency. 

Cujo - 1981

Can a movie about a rabid St Bernard really be that scary? If you’ve seen it, then you know the answer. A bored housewife, a broken-down car and a dog with rabies are the perfect mixture for this thriller. It’s not got the deepest plot and it won’t leave you with any questions, but you’ll never look at your pet the same again. 

Carrie - 1976

This is the movie that defined Stephen King and made viewers everywhere demand more adaptations. Carrie is a shy girl with no friends. What makes things worse is her fanatically religious mother, whose views on the world directly affect Carrie. The young girl is tormented by her school friends and decides enough is enough. Prom nights coming and she's about to get her revenge. Definitely, one to watch.

The Mist - 2007

Stephen King fans waited a long time for his short story to be adapted into this movie. After a storm hits town, it leaves an unusual mist behind. The following morning the Drayton family and a neighbor go to the grocery store and find themselves trapped. The mist is closing in and something sinister lurks inside it, with a lust for human life. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you’re in for a treat. 

The Shining - 1980

All work and no play...means you might have missed the greatest thriller movie of all time. Yes, The Shining takes place in an isolated hotel, where an evil presence is lurking. It takes over the father, played by Jack Nicholson. His son tries to use his psychic powers to alert people as to what's happening in the hotel, but his father is becoming more violent and deranged. Terrifying, beautifully directed and there are some fantastic one-liners.