Telemedicine: The Next Big Step in Healthcare Evolution

Telemedicine: The Next Big Step in Healthcare Evolution Telemedicine is a very popular term in the health care industry. Not only has it revolutionized this industry, but it has also allowed healthcare institutions to prescribe medicines at reduced costs and at an improved manner.

So, what is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of technology to diagnose diseases and treat patients over a distance. The doctor and the patient may reside in different locations and still interact with one another for medical services. This method of providing medicine has gained popularity over the years and with the outbreak of a recent pandemic, the use of this form of service has increased drastically.

Many patients have found it beneficial to take services from a distance instead of physically visiting a health care centre. This way, they have been able to reduce travel expenses, save time and prevent exposure to other patients.

The healthcare professionals have also benefited since they can now provide services from far away without actually visiting the patient. At the same time, their revenues have increased and there has been a decrease in the number of missed appointments.

Since this form of patient-doctor service is quite popular, let’s look at some of the leading companies in telemedicine:


This company provides prompt service that is easily accessible to patients. Teladoc offers access to doctors through phone calls or via their smartphone app. They offer services in general care, paediatrics division, mental health and more.


This telemedicine platform is good for those who are looking for a swift and reliable medical service. It is great for second opinions where patients can look for medical advice at any time of the day.


This is yet another quick and reliable way for people to reach doctors. They can avail the service within a short amount of time without even taking an appointment.