Survival Guide for Long Distance Relationships: 8 Ways to Make Yours Work

Survival Guide for Long Distance Relationships: 8 Ways to Make Yours Work

Agree on Expectations

Being away from your partner for long periods of time can be confusing especially when it comes to what each partner expects from the other. Agree on the following things to keep you both on the same page:

- Does the status of your relationship stay open when you're away from each other?

- How often should you visit each other?

- Will one of you eventually relocate?

Always Keep Communication Lines Open

Communication is the only thing that keeps you connected to your partner in a long distance relationship. Never underestimate the power of picking up your phone and calling your partner, replying to a message or face time.

It might not be ideal to communicate 24/7 but always agree on the best times to have phone calls. Never go for weeks at a time without talking to your partner, unless of course the nature of your job doesn't allow it.

Set a Routine

A routine can establish stability on a long distance relationship. For instance, make sure that you travel or call on predetermined times. If anything comes in the way of your routine make sure to notify your partner beforehand or as soon as you can. That way your partner doesn't end up feeling ignored and neglected.

Set Goals As a Couple

Look for goals to attain as a couple. Examples of goals that you can set together are getting married one day, having kids in the future, going for a vacation at the end of the year or acquiring a property together.

Goals can give a long distance couple something to look forward to and can also help build a commitment. Partners who know that the relationship is heading towards marriage may be more likely to choose to stay focused on the goal. 

Avoid Being Judgmental

If your partner fails to call or answer your call at a predefined time, do not be too quick to judge by assuming that someone else might be keeping them busy. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Instead be patient. If your partner is serious with you, they'll call as soon as they can. If you’re calm and supportive, your partner will voluntarily tell you why they couldn't communicate.

Always Have Boundaries With the Opposite Sex

It's easier for you to succumb to temptation with a member of the opposite sex when in a long distance relationship. Not having clear boundaries with your friends might lead you to cheat.

For starters, never have a member of the opposite sex sleep at your house because this is where things start getting blurry. It might also be hard to explain why there's a member of the opposite sex at your home, should your partner decide to surprise you with a visit.

Always Have Hope

Your long distance relationship will not survive if you don't have hope. Always be positive and avoid thoughts that will make you give up on your relationship.

Ignore all your friends and family that keep telling you that long distance relationships never work. Until you have evidence that your partner is not serious with you or is cheating, be hopeful that they won't. Hope will keep both of you focused that your relationship will work out.

Don’t Be Clingy

As much as communication is essential don’t expect your partner to communicate with you day and night. Be reasonable and give them space to breathe. Being clingy will only scare your partner away, not to mention tire them.