Sleep Disorder: Avoid Medicine with These Three Insomnia Remedies

Sleep Disorder: Avoid Medicine with These Three Insomnia Remedies A good few hours of sleep is essential for mental and physical well-being. While we take it for granted most of our lives, sometimes, it can be tricky to fall or remain asleep. This form of sleep disorder is known as insomnia. There are several types of insomnia, with different prescription medicines available for treatment.

Anyhow, it’s not always wise to take medicine the moment you start suffering from insomnia. Some sleep disorders do last for a long time, but some others go away with sleep hygiene and natural remedies.

Want to learn about the three most effective remedies for a sleep disorder like insomnia? Let’s read on below.

Drink Some Milk

Ever wondered why children are often given a glass of milk to drink before their bedtime? There are many good reasons, one of which is to ensure sound sleep. It contains tryptophan - an essential amino acid for our bodies. This ingredient helps our brain to produce different compounds like serotonin and melatonin, which are directly involved in maintaining a sleep-wake cycle. There is no conclusive scientific proof about it though.

A Glass of Cocoa

Cocoa is a popular natural remedy to tackle insomnia. It can be easily dissolved in milk to double-up on your annoying sleep deprivation. It contains beneficial compounds like flavonoids and magnesium and is used to treat some neurodegenerative diseases. As a popular hot drink, cocoa is associated with lowering blood pressure. In turns, it can relax the muscles and calm the nerves before bedtime.

Chamomile Tea

While the first two remedies for insomnia don't have many scientific proofs, chamomile tea is widely approved by medics as a remedy for insomnia. It contains apigenin, a chemical with similar properties to some prescription medicine. Research has also found chamomile to improve sleep quality quite significantly.