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  • Best New and Used SUVs in 2019
    Best New and Used SUVs in 2019
    For the people looking for an SUV, these are the best new and used SUVs in the market in 2019. Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV is the most popular type of car in the US market. They are powerful, has enough leg room, and can carry more things. Due to its popularity, the market is filled with an overwhelming number [...]
  • New Luxury Sedans Under $30,000
    New Luxury Sedans Under $30,000
    Looking to buy a brand new luxurious sedan with a mainstream budget? Don’t worry, you still have some exciting options. Usually, most of the luxury sedans have a starting price well above the $30k mark. Yet, it’s not impossible to find some cars that offer a lot of upscale comfort without emptying your wallet. So, read on to find yourself [...]
  • A Look into Mazda's 2019 Lineup
    A Look into Mazda's 2019 Lineup
    When you talk about top Japanese car companies, you have got to mention Mazda. This company has managed to successfully penetrate into the American market and build a name for its self. The following are cars you are going to find in their 2019 lineup. The 2019 Mazda 3 Compact as it is, this car keeps its spot among the [...]