Roku Inc.: How Anthony Wood’s Streaming Platform is Reshaping TV

Roku Inc.: How Anthony Wood’s Streaming Platform is Reshaping TV You may have heard about Roku Inc. It is a company that is reshaping the television viewing experience. Mostly operating in the US, the company is poised to expand its service offerings to the UK and other European nations. It’s increasingly getting popular among the viewers, especially those who prefer internet TV over cable TV. Its CEO and the chairman of the Board of Directors Anthony Wood is well-regarded among the investors as well, with Roku stock prices soaring massively in 2020.

So, what is Roku Inc.? Why should you care about it? Isn’t having Netflix enough for now? We try to explore all these below.

What Exactly is Roku?

Roku Inc. is the company founded by Anthony Wood in 2008. It has a few different products including Roku box and Roku TV. The Roku box allows viewers to stream free and paid video contents on their TV via the internet. It’s not a streaming platform, rather a device where you can install different streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Sling TV, etc.

The Roku TV, on the other hand, is a television set with all the functionalities of the Roku box built into it. The company also has a line of Roku streaming sticks with incredible internet compatibility and support for voice commands.

Why Should You Choose Roku Devices?

Instead of competing directly against different streaming platforms and sticks, Roku brings different channels to one single device. Each of its boxes has access to over 3,000 channels, more than almost any competitors. They support 1080p full HD or above resolutions and can be connected to the TV via an HDMI.

While each of the devices come with a remote controller, they can also be controlled via Roku Mobile App.