Reminiscing Kylie Minogue's Historic Performance at Glastonbury Festival

Reminiscing Kylie Minogue's Historic Performance at Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury festival is a five-day-long contemporary art festival that takes place in Pilton, Somerset, England. Along with contemporary music, it also hosts dance, theatre, comedy, circus and other traditional art. While leading pop and rock artists made the main headlines, others appeared in the small stage and performance area. Music and albums which are recorded in Glastonbury also get released at the festival.

The Glastonbury festival 2020 has a line-up of stellar performers such as Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney and Diana Ross. Unfortunately, the festival gets cancelled due to the Covid 19. Therefore, if we talk about the most recent Glastonbury, then it would be the Glastonbury festival 2019.

In 2019, it was Kylie Minogue who was all over the headlines for her breathtaking performance. Kylie Minogue's journey in Glastonbury was a long and complicated one. Minogue was first slated to perform at the Glastonbury festival in 2005. On the verge of confirming her appearance, Minogue got diagnosed with breast cancer. Consequently, her performance got cancelled. Over the years, there was a rumour of her coming back on stage, but it didn't happen until 2019.

In 2019, Minogue finally managed to get into the pyramid stage. From the first minute of her performance, she was creating history in front of the biggest audience of the festival. The 51 years old pop queen just stormed her 75 minutes in the pyramid stage.

Talking about the performance, Kylie Minogue said that she knew the time had a lot of essences, but she did not want to escape for a moment. In 2005, she was meant to be on stage but spent watching the festival by sitting on her sofa, the singer further continued. She finished by joking that she didn't cry too much and how that was a good thing since it was an emotional stage for obvious reasons.