Purple Day 2021: Some Mind-boggling Myths about Epilepsy Seizure

Purple Day 2021: Some Mind-boggling Myths about Epilepsy Seizure

The Purple Day is a day that is observed around the world to create awareness about epilepsy. The main aim of this day is to break some strong misconception related to epilepsy. It also intends to reduce the fear and social stigma endured by the people who are living under this neurological disorder.

The Purple Day was first coined by a nine years old girl named Classic Megan who is also a patient of epilepsy disorder and was very inspired by her own journey. In 2008, the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scott seized the day of 26th March as a means for enhanced campaigning. Today, we celebrate the day as International Purple Day.

The day is celebrated by arranging numerous events internationally. On this day a lot of people wear lavender colour clothes to celebrate the symbol of relaxation.

Common Misconceptions about Epilepsy Seizure

There are a thousand misconceptions surrounding epilepsy which is the purple day aim to dispel. Today we will know about some Mind-boggling myths which are roaming around for a quite long time.

All Types of Seizure is Epilepsy

If you experience seizures, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have developed epilepsy. A seizure can be caused by other various reasons such as head injury, drinking habit and high temperature.

Epilepsy is Infectious

Many do still believe that epilepsy is an infectious disease and can transmit through physical contact which is absolutely a myth. It is a brain disorder that is nearly impossible to transmit as a bacteria disease.

Epilepsy is a Type of Evil Possession

This conception is very rigid and silly at the same time. Epilepsy is a certain break of the nervous system because of which numbness, seizure and unconsciousness occur. There is no evil spirit linked with it.

Epilepsy is Unpreventable

Many are still in the belief that epilepsy seizure is not treatable which is not true. There are thousands of established diagnostic methods in the neurology field which are fully capable of curing this disease, learning about which should also be an agenda of Purple Day.