Meet the New iPhone XS

Meet the New iPhone XS Apple's latest innovation has apparently been leaked and we're excited. The iPhone makers are constantly improving on their products, and the gold iPhone XS has a lot to live up to. So, what can we expect from the new iPhone? Can Apple live up to their world-renowned reputation?

The Future

It was the website 9 to 5 Mac that released the images of the gold phone and confirmed the new colour scheme, which is different to Apple's usual black or silver designs. It's believed the phone will be 6.5 inches, which is larger than the iPhone X. It seems from the image that the phone will be offered in a small size as well for convenience.

It's expected that this new phone will follow its predecessor's full-screen design without the home button. The full screen is a popular aspect with users so it's unlikely the company will go a different way. There will also be a notch at the top display for the face recognition sensors and facetime camera. Reports are also suggesting that the iPhone XS will feature wireless charging, a huge drawing factor for buyers.

Apple has already created the highest resolution phone with the X model. It's unlikely the new model will have a higher resolution and it will most likely be 458 pixels per inch. There are questions regarding fingerprint recognition and if Apple will include a phone compatible pen, but neither of these has been confirmed.

The Release

The company has scheduled a press conference to take place in California in September. It's believed people will be able to pre-order the phones on the day of the conference. The pre-order starts from the 14th of September, and the shipping begins on the 21st of September.

The speculation regarding Apples new iPhone XS shows the company still has the ability to excite its customer base and many are looking forward to seeing the completed model.