Look Like Kendall Jenner With These Makeup Tips

Look Like Kendall Jenner With These Makeup Tips

The Foundation

The key to achieving a perfect base is knowing which foundations are best for your skin tone. Many people believe that you should use just one foundation, however, Kendall Jenner advises you mix and match foundations to achieve the perfect shade. Simple things like seasons can define what shade of foundation you need, so ensure you get a wide selection. If your foundation looks bad, then the rest of your makeup will too. Apply foundation with your fingers and a brush. The oil from your fingers helps the foundation blend into the skin, just make sure your hands are clean!

Concealing and Contouring

Instead of going for a full-on look, Kendall Jenner prefers to keep it natural and subtle. Her look is great for the workplace, or for those who prefer a quick makeup routine, instead of spending ages in the bathroom every morning.

Start with a concealer and use it to cover up dark circles and other imperfections. You can use as much as needed, but make sure you blend it well and choose one that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

Use a bronzer to get a sun-kissed look. Brush it across your forehead and add a small amount under your cheekbones. You can even add some to your eyes for a smoky look.

It’s all in the Eyes

The Jenner and Kardashian bunch are known for their killer eyebrows. The sleek shape and bold style are easy to achieve if you have the right tools. See a professional to get the perfect shape and maintain your brows. Keep them standing out every day by using an eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

Keep your mascara simple and avoid building it up in layers. It can make your eyelashes look clumpy and aren’t great for a subtle look. Apply it at the root of your eyelashes. If you need to layer your mascara, then use a lash comb in between coats. Eyeliner should be applied to the upper and lower rims of the eyelids.

Perfect Pout

Kendall has a unique way of applying lipstick. Instead of rolling it across her lips, she lightly dabs it. Doing this means you get the color, but the lipstick blends with your face instead of standing out dramatically. Use pink shades or nudes to keep it simple. You can add some gloss over the top if you wish.

If you want to line your lips, then never go darker than your natural skin color. Even if you’re using a bold lipstick, it’s important you use a lip liner that matches with your skin tone. Gently line them and make sure you don’t do for a dramatic shape.

Tips From Kendall Jenner’s Makeup Artist

Here are some great tips from Jenner's makeup artist. You can follow these to get the perfect makeup.

Layer your blush to get an 80s look. Start with a cream blush and apply a powder on top. Make sure you blend it well and apply some foundation on top if needed. The main thing you need to make time for is concealer. It brightens your eyes and ensures you don’t look tired. Concealer makes you look fresh-faced, which is perfect for a natural look.

If you have thin lips, then you can create a fuller illusion by using lip liner to create a line slightly above your lips. Adding a cupid's bow gives you a perfect pout.