How to Sell Tickets for Your Event Online

How to Sell Tickets for Your Event Online

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media channels offer great tools to help sell your event online and reach millions of users who may be interested in attending your event. Facebook, for instance, has a feature that allows you to create an event and include payment instructions for your tickets in the description. You can also add the event link to the description so that viewers can get further information and price details. Remember to share your Facebook event post on as many social channels as possible, for example on WhatsApp groups or on Twitter. 

Use Your Blog

You can use your personal blog to sell tickets for your event online. There are various tools that you can use to turn your own blog into an online event ticketing shop. For example WordPress blogs usually have some plugins that can enable you to sell event tickets online just from your website. When using your blog to market your event, ensure that your advertisement posts are stunning. An effective advertisement should be able to draw attention so that anyone who comes across the post has an irresistible urge to attend the event. 

Traditional Ticketing Agents

If you are planning a massive event, it might be better to use traditional ticketing agents with an online presence. Established ticketing agents have experience in selling tickets and will ensure that your event achieves the prestigious “sold out” status. Despite being expensive with a cumbersome application procedure, large ticketing agents in most cases deliver within the organizer’s expectation. As they know the market, have powerful channels and are known by customers, you’ll have much better chances to selling tickets through them than just on your own. Of course there are fees involved, so do the math to see if it’s still a good option for your event.

Self-Service Ticketing Sites

These sites allow you to create events and sell event tickets on your own online. You first need to register, then create your event and start selling tickets. Unlike Facebook, these sites are automated to assist you with some repetitive tasks such as accepting tickets, keeping track of sales and analyzing the traffic received. Note that most if not all of these sites charge a monthly fee to use their services in the form of commissions for every ticket sale. The good thing with self-service ticketing sites is that it enables you to promote your event listed on their website to other platforms such as your blog or social media account. Also many of these sites are known by customers, so being listed with your event increases your reach.

Sending Out Emails to Prospective Clients

This strategy is perfect for small gigs, but it still involves lots of work. After understanding your potential clients, you can send them custom made emails to alert them of your upcoming event. Ensure you target your emails to specific groups and add tailored Call to Actions (CTAs). Also, add some attractive photos plus reasonable price offers on tickets to create a substantial impact and create a sense of urgency. There are numerous programs and tools out there that can help you create an appealing and modern newsletter.

A perfect approach will generate maximum event attendance, whether it’s a business conference or a small local event.