How to Get a Free Blood Glucose Meter

How to Get a Free Blood Glucose Meter

Health Insurance

Most health insurance companies offer free blood glucose meters to their diabetic clients if they have a prescription from a qualified doctor. The first thing you will need to do is to consult your doctor about recommending an ideal blood glucose meter and then contact your insurance company to find out whether the recommended blood glucose meter and test strips are covered under your health insurance plan. Some insurance companies have partnered with pharmacies across the country to provide free blood sugar meters as well as a 90-day supply of test strips. 

Blood Glucose Meter Manufacturers

Most manufacturers offer free blood glucose meters with a requirement that you will continue to buy their brand of test strips even after finishing the first batch. Some companies will even advertise that on their websites, so do some research online about blood glucose meter manufacturers and browse their pages.

Nonetheless, before deciding on a suitable blood glucose meter, always consider other important factors like sites of testing, display size, ease of use, cost and availability of test strips and memory size. Don’t only go for a blood glucose meter because it's free. 

Do Research in Pharmacies Around You

Pharmacies may also provide free glucose meters with the expectation of loyalty and continuous purchase of the test strips. You may need to research to find the participating pharmacies. Ensure that you ask for free meters with regular test strip covered by your insurance to enable you to avoid incurring additional expense in the future. Some stores that have pharmacies including Costco, Target, Walmart and others run promotions for free glucose meters. Enter promotions like this for your chance to win a free glucose meter. You can always switch back to your old pharmacy if need be. 

Special Offers

Online shopping websites such as Amazon usually provide special offers on glucose test meters. In such offers prices are considerably reduced or the meters are even given out for free when purchasing test strips. However, ensure that you purchase only the prescribed glucose meter and that the test strips are easily available in your area. To find out about special offers, keep an eye on big online shopping platforms or use search engines entering the term “free” in all your searches. It’s important to compare the costs of test meters from different sources to get the best option.


Most blood glucose meter manufactures regularly conduct glucose meter giveaways, especially on World’s Diabetes Day on 14 November each year. Diabetes organizations such as the International Diabetes Federation also offer free blood glucose meters on this particular day to create awareness for diabetes. You may also consult your local diabetes organization to find out if there are any giveaways this year. Nevertheless, if you are going to receive a glucose meter free, make sure the test strips are available in your area and that they are of high quality. If you don’t qualify for a discount, be sure to shop around to get the best deals.