How to Build An Amazing Winter Capsule Wardrobe

How to Build An Amazing Winter Capsule Wardrobe

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

But first, what is a “capsule wardrobe?” Simply, its a set of stylish clothing that you can easily mix and match within themselves. Of course, the size and style of the wardrobe can vary by taste and budget, but the idea is for it to last the intended season, or roughly three months. The key idea behind these functional groups of seasonal clothing is the versatility. The ability to mix and match each of the items with one another to expand your wardrobe. This makes capsule wardrobes essential for anyone this winter seasons due to their great benefits.

Capsule wardrobes can help a lot of people save money, simplify the shopping experience, remain fashionable, and simplify your life. All these benefits from a select amount of outfits due to their broad versatility. The ability to mix and match clothing items makes more outfits out of the same wardrobe can make the winter season a breeze. 


Another great benefit from this style of clothing is the savings. Without having to go out every winter to search for new outfits every year, you can save more money using capsule wardrobes. By reusing and rematching outfits from the capsule, you can create new looks everyday for the winter season, while staying warm and fashionable, all within your budget.

Next would be their functionality. As mentioned before, the ability to remix and match existing outfits to form new ones is a great ability to have within your wardrobe, because it helps you stay fashionable and save money from not having to buy more clothes.

Pairing Outfits

 Additionally, these capsules can simplify how you buy clothes and your overall life. By having predetermined wardrobes varying by season, it takes the struggle out of having to find new looks every three months, and can save you time and money from the hassle of shopping. With pushy employees trying to make sales and ridiculous long lines, you can escape the store hassle by having clothes already picked out and rotated regularly.

To begin, you’ll need to figure out your style for the season; whether you’re aiming for bright colors that will pop in the white blankets of snow, or more darker and natural colors to snuggle up by the fire in. Although, it is possible to have a broad mix of styles, but it may limit the versatility of how you pair your winter outfits; and versatility of these clothing items are important if you wanna save some extra cash.

Regardless of style, the real fun begins when you start building your capsule wardrobe. For the season of winter, a good place to start would be your base clothing; shirts and pants. The idea is to pick tops and bottoms that will match with numerous other pairings, to increase wearability of each item and save money on the wardrobe. A couple stylish t-shirts to pair with a comfy cardigan or long sleeved sweaters to match with a comfy pair of jeans are must-haves in your wardrobe. But never forget to pack in a couple fancier picks as well for those seasonal parties and chilly date nights

Accessories and Outerwear

Next would be outerwear, such as coats, hats, and scarves. As for coats, you should have a variety of two or three to be able to pair with numerous outfits. To cover your bases, some recommendations would be to have a long and slender coat, made of cotton or wool for chilly but dry winter days to protect against the chilly winter time air. Another, shorter but insulated one for cold and light snow to pair with a more fancier outfit. But, based on preference, you might prefer a longer, insulated coat instead to help keep you warm during those chilly snow days.

Next would be shoes, a completer of outfits and a nice add of flair. A good pair of snow and waterproof boots would definitely be handy during wet snowy days and a easy completion to any winter wonderland adventurer’s outfit. But if big snow boots aren’t so much you’re style, a smaller, comfy pair of warm, insulated boots will do just the trick instead, which can also be waterproofed with some easy tricks to make them last. But don’t forget to pick out some fuzzy socks to complete the look and keep your toes nice and toasty.

Finally, regarding hats and the such, a warm beanie style wool hat with a matching pair of gloves is a perfect addition to keep anyone warm this chilly season. Or, if hats simply aren’t you’re style, a fluffy pair of of earmuffs will surely do the trick. And don’t forget a fuzzy and warm scarf to help keep you warm, and add a pop of decoration to any outfit.


There you have it, a basic guide for the perfect winter capsule wardrobe, to keep you warm and stylish in the coming winter, and many more to come with proper upkeep of the clothing items. Not only will it help you save time from shopping in stores and trying on outfits, it’ll simplify your winter season and put some extra cash in your pocket.  If you’re wondering when’s the best time to jump into a minimalist wardrobe, there’s no better time than right now. Put some time aside to go through your wardrobe and determine what you have, what you need, and perhaps most importantly, what you don't need for the coming winter.