Gowran Park Racecourse and Other Top Racecourses in Irelands

Gowran Park Racecourse and Other Top Racecourses in Irelands

Pretty much everyone on the British shores is familiar with horse racing. It is a traditional sport where two or more horses compete, and each horse is ridden by a particular jockey. The sport is most popular in countries like Great Britain, UAE, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, etc. In Ireland too, we often hear about the craziness of horse racing.

Horse racing is closely connected with Irish tradition and culture and if we look back we will find a long history of this popular sport. But today we will not cover the history part. Our topic is something more interesting than that.

Three best Horse racing Racecourse of Ireland

Horse racing is the most popular game among Irish people, so it is obvious that they invest a lot in this sector to make it more attractive. Ireland has some elegant racecourses which you definitely should know about. Let’s look upon the top racecourses of recent time:

Gowran Park Racecourse

Gowran Park Racecourse is the very first and oldest racecourse in Ireland. It is located at Gowran village which is fifteen minutes away from County Kilkenny. They have a tremendous hospitality system and this place is perfect for any corporate event, family party and music festivals.

Leopardstown Racecourse

This Racecourse is one of the biggest racecourses of Ireland and known best for organizing the biggest races. It is located in Dublin City. In 2019 it created history by holding over 17500 spectators in a single event. Every year they organize around 22 meetings and provide some luxury facilities to the attendees.

Ballybrit Racecourse

Ballybrit was also the hot topic of 2019 for holding some 141000 spectators. It is also known as Galway racecourse since it is only 6km far from Galway city. The major races took place during the month of august and the races continue through the month.