Five Interesting Brewing Things You Didn’t Know About Heineken Beer

Five Interesting Brewing Things You Didn’t Know About Heineken Beer

Who doesn’t know about Heineken? With its range of great-tasting beers, a plethora of sponsorship deals and signboards placed in almost any pubs and bars, it’s more difficult not to know about Heineken beers than learning about it. But, public knowledge can go only so far.

If you are passionate about your beer and have a taste for Heineken, this is the article for you. Here, you can learn some of the most interesting facts about this beer brewing company, and maybe get your friends to buy you a pint for your knowledge-sharing!

Heineken Is No Way german

As is the norm with good beer brewing companies, people tend to think Heineken to be a German company. However, it couldn’t be far from the truth. Founded back in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the history of the brewer can be traced back to Amsterdam’s De Hooiberg brewery founded in 1592. Mr Heinken purchased the traditional brewery and rebranded it after his surname. He then moved the company to South Holland, making it a staple of the Netherland’s great brewing heritage.

Heineken Brews it All

The most popular drinks from Heineken are, of course, Heineken, Heineken 0.0, and Heineken Light. So, you would be surprised to know that the company actually produces some 300 drinks in different categories - beer, ale, cider, etc. A large part of this brewing is done by Heineken’s portfolio of subsidiary brands. It includes Dos Equis, Bohemia, Carta Blanca and many others in Mexico, Prestige in Haiti, Birra Moretti in Italy, and many more.

Heineken Brews Tequila

No, not the original malt drink, but Heineken do own Desperados - a beer that is favoured by the EDM fans for its tequila-flavoured beer. The beer doesn’t come filled with tequila, but enough to warrant malt beverage classification. They are available in different flavours too - ginger, lime, original, etc.