Dementia and Alzheimer's disease: Aren't They Same?

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease: Aren't They Same?

A lot of people mistake Alzheimer’s disease as the same as Dementia. Although both are known as a brain disease, they are different by nature. 

Dementia is termed as the more general brain disease while Alzheimer's disease is referred to as the most common cause of Dementia. By this term, we can say that Alzheimer is one of the parts of groups of Dementia

Today here in this article we will exhibit how Alzheimer's disease is different from Dementia under some basic characteristics.


Dementia is defined as a series of symptoms that are generally associated with cognitive disease and other thinking abilities such as problem-solving, language problem, decision making etc. This disease causes abnormal changes in brain functions which is enough to create disturbance in daily life.  

As per Alzheimer's Society, Alzheimer is known as the type of Dementia that causes brain disease through developing chronic bleeding in the brain. In almost 60-80% of issues, Alzheimer's disease turns into dementia in a very slow process. In some cases, Alzheimer is worse than Dementia.


Memory loss, and at a rapid pace, is the most common effect of Dementia. Other symptoms include:

  • Short term memory, impulsive behaviour, 

  • Difficulties in doing daily normal activities.  

  • Problems in taking also symbolized as the prominent causes of Dementia.

For Alzheimer's disease, the symptoms are:

  • Increase the confusions

  • Struggling with learning new things

  • Inability to writing

  • Reading and shortened  attention spans 


Dementia which comes from genetics is not curable. But if it is caused by other reasons such as long term addiction to alcohol, diabetes, heart disease and Down syndrome is curable if the treatment is proper. 

Oppositely, there is no such medication for Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer’s societies mainly work to prevent it and suggest a healthy diet, different types of brain exercise, mediation and other healthy lifestyles as the cure of Alzheimer.