Apps We can’t Do Without:  Spotify, Instagram, and More

Apps We can’t Do Without:  Spotify, Instagram, and More In the internet age, apps and software are what is turning into one of our most basic needs. Some apps have become so integral that we can’t think of a day without them. Brilliant apps like amazon, Spotify and Instagram are the usual suspects, but there are a lot of other contenders pressing for more importance. 

Whether it’s coronavirus alone or something else, the world is shifting online at a rapid pace. It’s now possible to do pretty much everything with a few strokes of fingers. So, irrespective of whichever smartphone you use, below are the apps that most people can’t do without at the palm of their hands:


A video conferencing tool that made working from home possible, Zoom has become one of the most important apps we must have. It offers an easy-to-use and reliable cloud platform for enterprise video and audio conferencing, webinars, chat, and so on. 


Having revolutionised the way we consume video contents, YouTube has become integral to our lives. It is such an addictive platform with streams of interesting videos that it is now being explored as an addiction!


Everybody wants to be an influencer these days, don’t they? And Instagram is the platform that is giving an ‘average Joe’ a shot to online fame. The image-sharing social media platform is also a hub for photographers, designers, artists and such. 


Just like the iPod changed the way we used to consume music, Spotify did the same with its cloud music streaming platform. With more than 50 million songs and podcasts, they are the listening experience of the future. 

To conclude, apps like Amazon and Facebook messenger also deserve an honourable mention, although perhaps, we can do without them sometimes.