A Basic Introduction of Amazon.com’s Cloud Gaming and Fire TV

A Basic Introduction of Amazon.com’s Cloud Gaming and Fire TV

Amazon.com is arguably the most known and used website in the world. The e-commerce behemoth started as a bookseller, and then went on to become the biggest online retailer on the planet. The company has been slowly expanding to other sectors including consumer electronics like Fire TV, cloud computing, media streaming, and cloud gaming.

With features like same-day delivery, high-quality products, and easy return policies, Amazon.com reached the pinnacle of success. So, there’s no surprise that people expect the same level of innovation and customer-first approach from their cloud gaming and Fire TV divisions.

So, in light of Marc Whitten stepping down as it's head, let’s find out how the expectations meet the reality in the two most trendy divisions of Amazon.com.

Cloud Gaming by Amazon

After some mixed results in their previous attempts of manufacturing consumer electronic devices, Amazon is focusing more on developing cloud-based gaming and computing solutions. As part of its efforts, it has recently launched Amazon Luna - the cloud gaming platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is planned to have 100 different games at launch and poised to be accessible via any devices you already have. Integrated with Twitch, Amazon Luna is planned to be available on Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, and so on.

Amazon Fire TV

So, if you are planning to subscribe to Amazon Luna, why not embrace their entire ecosystem of subscription-based services? With thousands of channels, apps, and voice-control supports, Amazon Fire TV brings numerous subscriptions and streaming services. It’s basically a media device that turns your TV into an internet streaming device and lets you watch shows, listen to music, shop on Amazon.com, and such right on your big screen.

With the compatibility with Amazon Luna - the cloud gaming service of Amazon.com, it’s now more appealing than ever to buy a Fire TV stick.