6 Common Early Relationship Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them

6 Common Early Relationship Pitfalls and How You Can Avoid Them

Being Too Much of an Open Book

It's good to be open, but it’s something that you should save for later stages in your relationship. People like mystery and oversharing information about you won't win you any points. Be honest of course, and you might want to share some obvious details like whether you have kids or not. 

For the more sensitive topics, wait and learn about your partner first, or wait for them to prompt the conversation. Waiting to getting to know your partner will give you time to know whether they're open to some topics or not. 

Falling in Love Too Fast

Falling in love too fast is another common mistake that people make in the early stages of their relationship. The danger of falling in love too soon is that to your partner you might be a fling.

If you can't help yourself from falling in love, restrain from saying the words "I love you" a few weeks after meeting your partner. Wait for a few months and only share your feelings when you're sure that your partner takes the relationship as seriously as you do.

Moving in Together Within Weeks

So you've been dating for two weeks, and you're sure that this is the one. You hate being alone, and you ask your partner to move in.

Take time to get to know your partner before you move in together because they might not be showing their true self in the early stages. Always wait for more than six months before you even consider permanently sharing a house with a new partner.

Ignoring Bad Behavior

Does your partner show signs of aggression? Are they constantly rude to waiters whenever you're out dining? Do they start fights for no reason? Does the person use drugs or drinks too much? Don’t ignore any bad behavior as this will affect your relationship down the line.

No matter how attractive your partner may be, consider letting them go if you notice any red flags. Most habits and patterns are hard to change, and whatever behavior you notice early on is what you’ll see throughout your relationship.

Speaking Ill of Your Exes

You might gag every time you think about your ex, but don't speak ill about them to your partner. Avoid making your partner feel that you're hung up on a previous relationship, or that you have a habit of talking badly about others.

Your new partner will probably ask what happened to your last partner but stick with neutral statements like "it just didn't work out for us."

Not Deactivating You Online Dating Accounts

Did you try online dating at some point in your life? Have you been dating your partner for a few weeks now and the profiles are still active? Having the dating profiles active makes you look like you're still searching, and your partner might feel betrayed.

Deactivate all your profiles as soon as you start dating exclusively. You can always reactivate the accounts if your current relationship doesn't work out.