10 of the Best Sports Car Models

10 of the Best Sports Car Models

Subaru BRZ

Made by Subaru, the BRZ, also known as the Toyota GT86, is an affordable and well made sports car. While it doesn't have the ‘kick’ that other cars on this list have, it truly is a sports car in all respects. With 200 horsepower, this car will give you enough speed for a fun ride while still maintaining good gas mileage. 

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette, any year and any model, will always be one of the most sought after sports cars. With a V8 engine, a sleek design and the infamous logo, you can’t go wrong with a Corvette. The only choice you need to make is the color. Once you drive one of these you’ll see why it's so popular.

Miata MX5

An affordable option for a sports car, the MX5 features a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine. Many consider this small for a sports car, but keep in mind the car is just two doors and has around 200 horsepower. The manual transmission is also the cheapest version of this car and is preferred by Miata enthusiasts.

Nissan 370 Z

A V6 engine and 350 horsepower make this Nissan a spectacular sports car. It has a 3.7L V6 engine which is perfect for the road as it will give you the power you need. It is also one of the more affordable sports cars out there right now when compared to high quality models.

Ford Shelby GT350

Many people consider the Ford Shelby a muscle car, but other enthusiasts consider it a sports car. With a 5.2L engine and 526 horsepower it has quite a kick. The manual transmission is the only option here, so if you’re wanting a real sports car this is the one.

Porche 911

One of the highest end sports cars, the Porche 911 is almost considered a supercar. It comes in various V6 models and the price is a bit higher than other cars on the list. The Porche 911 goes up to 580 horsepower which makes it more fit for a track rather than the average street.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro has an iconic look that will turn heads wherever you go. It's wide, it's loud, it's powerful. The Camaro comes in a variety of models and styles from a V4 to a V8 with 500+ horsepower. It's quite athletic and fun to drive, plus the front seats are very comfortable and supportive.

Audi TT

Germany is known for making some of the world's best sports cars and supercars. The Audi TT is incredibly well designed and reasonably priced compared to other German sports cars. It reaches up to 400 horsepower with its special TFSI engine which gives this car 160 horsepower per engine liter. 


Another great German sports car, the M2 has a 3.0L 6 cylinder engine with over 400 horsepower. It comes in both manual and automatic, but a true sports car lover will go for the base manual as it has more of a luxury feel as well as a more affordable price.

Lexus RC

Lexus is known for their luxury cars but they also dipped their toe into the sports car market. The RC features up to 467 horsepower which is the highest horsepower rating for the price in its class. It comes in a V4, V6 or V8 version so you can choose what engine suits you best.